Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Unique Planters for Before and After the Wedding

If you rent an outdoor or indoor venue for your wedding, you'll have to check in with the powers that be before hanging, nailing, or affixing anything. But if you're wedding is in your own backyard (an apparent wedding trend), you just might have the option to go all out crazy and even bring in the swans. Watch out though - those things have really smelly poo. Okay, nix the swans. Perhaps you just want to dress up a fence? These adorable, aluminum planters from Wallter might do the trick! They're also perfectly appropriate for indoor use as well and can easily be re-used after the wedding. Great for small, delicate plants like succulents and herbs, these planters are not available yet, but you can e-mail them here and tell them to hurry up and get these things available for purchase.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for telling the indoor decoration stuff. These are looking unique for wedding and some Private Event.

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Dynamite Weddings said...

I love incorporating wedding decorations into your daily life. It's nice to see a certain something that reminds you of your wedding everyday!

Michael and Anna Costa said...

What a lovely eco idea!

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