Thursday, July 15, 2010

Farm to Table Wedding Feast

Adding the word locavore to your vocabulary, if you haven't already done so, is an easy thing to do. It's an easy word to say. The definition is easy to remember. (Locavores are people who strive to eat only locally grown foods.) And to be a locavore is a wonderful thing for the environment and for your local economy. In my own life, I try to maintain an awareness of where my fruits and vegetables come from, but I tend to grab whatever meats and dry goods I need. I love the idea of being a locavore, but the limiting of my options scares me. I'm not sure why, considering it's typically the overabundance of options at my local grocer that causes dinner making strife.

But I was blown away when I saw this magnificent farm-to-table feast on Country Living, created by Outstanding in the Field, a traveling locavore group. It really just goes to show that even if you're not a hardcore locavore, your wedding can be with the right team of people. This particular event was held at Johnson's Backyard Garden, a 70 acre certified organic farm just five miles east of downtown Austin, Texas.

What about you? Are you a locavore? Have you tried it and are you using only local foods in your own wedding menu?

Visit Eat Local Challenge for ideas and resources.


Marisa said...

I'm so happy to see a push for local foods, flowers etc, in weddings....our wedding food and beverage was nearly 100% local. My family has a huge garden, so we struck a deal with our caterer- she used veggies from our harvest in the food she made, and thus we got a discount. In addition, our beer came from a local virginia brewery (starr hill) and our wine came from a vinter based in Charlottesvillle, VA about 50 minutes from where our wedding was (in Rappahannock County, Virginia). For dessert we had pies, all baked by my wonderfully talented mother, and made with apples from nelson county, va!!!

Dynamite Weddings said...

Think Local! Love it!

a thousand mason jars said...

i've wanted so badly to attend an "outstanding in the field" event, but they are a pretty penny.

does anyone know if some that money is donated?

connecticut has started it's own version called "dinners at the farm." my husband & i bought my parents tickets to one event as a thank you gift for the wedding.

Emily said...

I love the idea of shopping local. I try to do as much of my shopping this way as I possibly can. More people should embrace this concept.

weddinginvitationkits said...

This farm feast reminds me of visits to my grandparents farm when I was little. They raised 8 kids and were self-sufficient. I would love to attend an event like this.

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