Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Eco Green Wedding Eye Candy

I once worked at a company that declared if we accomplished a sales related goal, the vice president would kiss a pig. It was really just a bunch of silly corporate BS, but the goal was attained and I found myself looking forward to the big pig kissing day. It was disappointingly anti-climactic. After all, it was a pretty well behaved, cleaned up, and might I even add, cute little pig. So my point is that while I would love to win this contest, I don't have any wild promises to give you. But I might be persuaded to do something just as silly if anyone has any ideas. In any case, I'd still love your vote! Vote for Earth Friendly Weddings!

Okay, shameless plugging - check! Back to blogging business! Alec Vanderboom has the most wonderful, surreal style of photography and I just love how he photographed the wedding below. Secret garden meets modern simplicity. The glass and wine bottles are a nice eco-friendly touch, whether the bride meant it or not, and the scattering of the photographs on the table are personal, yet casual.

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