Friday, May 28, 2010

Stylish Eco-Disposable Dinnerware

We've discussed the whole disposable vs. china before, so you may already know my stance on the subject, but if you're itching to go with the throw-aways, check out Joanne Hudson Basics. They have a pretty eco-friendly collection of stylish disposable dinnerware. Above is the Wasara Collection, made entirely of tree-free renewables (sugar cane fibers, bamboo, and reed pulps) and is completely compostable.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Sorry, I completely forgot about The List last week! I've thrown in a little more than usual this week to make up for it.


dognbird said...

That dinnerware is an inspired find! Happy Memorial Day weekend to you my friend!

Dream Wedding Italy said...

That doesn't even LOOK disposable! Amazing!

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