Thursday, May 13, 2010

Pairing Cookbooks with Decor

Printed books are now like the manual hand mixer. Both elicit emotions from a tactile experience, but convenience caused a game change. Electronic reading devices allow us to skip the store and instantly delve into any fiction or non-fiction world with just the click of the button. I can't really complain though. I own a Kindle and love it. Not to mention that reducing the need for paper is ultimately more environmentally friendly. But let's not forget the beauty of books. Honor them by including them in your wedding decor. Below I've paired up vintage cookbooks with matching florals and sweets.

Sweets: Maya Made Book: Old Cookbooks

Floral: Maya Made Book: Lilly Put

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cubes & Eden said...

This is *exactly* what we're planning on doing! We're grouping our cookbooks in vintage train cases and using them to vary the heights of platters holding our escort cards. We searched for over 3 months to find cookbooks that I grew up with - so there's even more meaning to it for me.

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