Thursday, May 6, 2010

Eco-Chic Bridesmaid's Gifts

use code "Brides20" for 20% off at Doie Designs

I get a lot of e-mails from PR people. Generally, I don't mind. I understand how useful a dedicated PR person can be, but it's always refreshing to receive an e-mail straight from the founder or owner of a shop. I get the feeling this person truly stands behind their product. Such was the case with Sara Kirsner. Her sweet e-mail led me to her eco-chic loungewear company, Doie Designs, which features beautiful Kimono style robes made of natural and sustainable fabrics.

These would make such lovely bridesmaid's gifts. You could present them the morning of your wedding and then wear them while you all get ready. Or treat yourself to one for your honeymoon. Sara says that since there is an outer and inner tie, the robe won't accidentally slip off, but I'm sure your husband can find a way to make that happen. Oooohhh! Yes, I did just write that! :)

use code "Brides20" for 20% off at Doie Designs


Sara- said...

Very cool and interesting idea. I love these eco-friendly shops. I just found a start up through a friend that does eco-friendly bride and bridemaids' gowns. They are still in the process of getting set up, but I can't wait to write about their stuff! Nice work Jennifer!

Dream Wedding Italy said...

Very pretty and comfy looking - perfect for lounging around in.

Jennifer said...

@Sara - do let me know when your friend's shop is up and running. I'd love to post about it here!

@Dream Wedding - glad you like!

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