Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Vegetarian Bride's Own Words

My recent post, "Reasons to Say Bye-Bye to Meat," prompted Amber to write in about her own vegetarian wedding experience, which I was so impressed about I asked if she would mind if I reposted it here. We both hope that her story inspires some of you other vegetarian brides to stick to your guns and dare to give your guests a non-conventional menu of delicious veggie style fare.

In Amber's own words:

"As much as this was a celebration for our guests, it was a celebration about us and we didn't eat meat. Besides, it was only one meal anyway. She (the bride's mother) agreed with that and let the issue drop. She made it her mission to make sure everyone of our 75 guests knew that there wouldn't me a speck of meat at the wedding... I'm surprised she didn't force me to put a note in with the invitations!

I slaved over the menu writing it from scratch and submitted numerous drafts to the venue. We finally came to a final menu just a few weeks before the wedding. We had a buffet in the interest of getting our guests to try some stuff that might be out of their normal comfort zone. I wanted to use as many seasonal, fresh ingredients as possible. Here is what we served."


Butternut squash soup

Caesar Salad with Grated Romano Cheese - w/homemade veggie Caesar dressing

4 cold salads
New England Style 3-Potato Salad
Oriental Noodle Salad with soy, ginger, sesame & garlic
Fire Blackened Green Beans with lime garlic aioli
tortellini salad with tomato, basil & mozzarella

2 sides
Broccoli gratin
Cannalini beans with swiss chard

3 main dishes
Wild mushroom strudel
Vegetables lasagna

Grilled polenta cakes with Ratatouille


"I had so many complements on the food. It was great. I defiantly didn't eat as much as I should have... too worked up! If my meat n' potatoes family can enjoy a vegetarian wedding... anyone can."


Ghenet said...

The menu sounds delicious! I'm not a vegetarian but I eat vegetarian meals often and would have totally enjoyed this menu at a wedding. :o) said...

Hi Jennifer,
My co-worker is getting married in mendocino at beautiful outdoor garden that specialized in vegan. This spot may be great to blog about?

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