Friday, March 26, 2010

Sew Much Fun Friday

This weekend, I really plan to get out the sewing machine and learn how to use that freakin' thing. I have actually sewn before. I made a pillow and a little stuffed cow. Oh, and some pants. But it was all done under supervision and it was about 15 years ago. Wow, that makes me feel old.

The lovely dresses above are the creation of Elizabeth Dye, who owns the Etsy shop The English Dept, among other things. I'm not sure if Elizabeth actually sews these or has someone do it for her, but regardless, the frilly feminine frocks really make me want to jump right into dress making. I should probably start with curtains though.

Considering my mind is currently swimming in a sea of creativeness, this week's list will center around crafty things and the sort.

Hand painted flower pots at Cherry MenLove

Non-traditional sushi serving set from Alma Pottery

Win: This delightful book, Simple Sewing, over at Life's Rich Pageant

Coconut Milk Fudge. One word: sinful.


EB Finds said...

I LOVE to sew, but for the life of me can't follow patterns. Have been needing to make slipcovers forever, but I know it will take me forever so I have not jumped in yet!

April said...

I love to sew but I just can't seem to finish it.I guess this would need time and devotion.With my busy schedule I just can't seem to find time to finish at least one sewing project.It would be so wonderful to be able to sew something useful that I can be proud of.

amanda heer said...

heck I hear YA!!!
I used to sew all my own cloths...
now I can not see the hole in the needle

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