Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Eco Wedding Organization

Wedding planning requires organization! Even if it's just a dinky binder you still have left over from high school, it helps to categorize your vendors, budget info, check lists, etc... But these eco-binders and hand printed eco-tabs are much cuter than those white plasticky things you used in school. And they won't have your school girl crushes written all over the inside. Buy at Urban Posture.


forget.me.knot.weddings said...

Love these earth friendly journals! perfect to write down all your wedding inspiration b/c staying organized is key! Great post!

wedding packages said...

I really love eco friendly wedding.This is one way to promote environmental awareness.

Jennifer said...

@Forget.me.knot weddings - Organization *is* key. I can't imagine how I would have planned my own wedding without an organized binder.

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