Thursday, March 4, 2010

Boobs and Wedding Dresses

You want to know a secret? I feel comfortable sharing this with you because I know most of my readers are women, but it's a little out of character for me to be so forthcoming. I've always been a small chested woman. Now my boobs are not only bigger (a perk to pregnancy perhaps), but my stomach is also rising up to meet them. Although a good bra generally takes care of it, it's an issue I find rather annoying. As I've become more aware of these not-so-little-now puppies, I am reminded that they are the number one killer of women ages 15-54. Well, okay, my breasts in particular don't kill obviously, but breast cancer certainly does.

I contemplated listing all the facts here, but I'm not really sure that's necessary. We all know breast cancer is scary. I certainly don't need to reiterate it. Many companies have capitalized on this by marketing every product they carry in the color pink and then giving a minuscule amount of the profits to breast cancer research. (I'm not saying don't buy pink stuff, I'm just communicating what I've read.) But one great way to support those currently suffering from breast cancer is to buy your dress through the Brides Against Breast Cancer Foundation. Through their organization, Making Memories, BABC uses donations to fulfill wishes or dreams for metastatic breast cancer patients. I had the opportunity to be a vendor at last year's Brides Against Breast Cancer tour in Atlanta and I was amazed by the hundreds of beautiful dresses just waiting to be plucked off the rack! If this seems like something you're interested in, check out the 2010 Gown Sale Calendar.


E.B. Finds said...

Great idea! My best friend got breast cancer in her mid-thirties. She is a survivor and the strongest person I know. It is schocking how many young women get this disease, but we are lucky to be living in such an aware and proactive society.

thealater said...

I got my dress at one of these sales. I really like it, especially as it came in under my budget limit so that I could also get a veil. I was able to talk them down a bit.

Eri said...

I donated my wedding dress to BABC last year! Also Jen, congrats on your pregnancy! So exciting! :-)

Jennifer said...

@ E.B. Finds - It seems we all know a survivor, don't we? It's scary to think how prolific it is. All we can do is continually bring support and awareness to the cause.

@thealater - That's wonderful! I've known a few people who got there dress at BABC and they're always very happy with their purchase.

@Eri - Yay for donating to BABC! And thank you so much re the pregnancy. :)

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