Friday, February 12, 2010

Five Unique Ways to Give Yourself Some Love This Valentine's Day

photo by Hello Naomi

This Sunday is Valentine's Day. A day when we are all supposed to buy into the candy hearts, the overpriced roses, and the cheesy cards with big cursive letters. And then give them to our significant other in an attempt at commercial grade romance.

What am I doing?! Shooting down the most romantic day of the year on a wedding blog! I'm not trying to be the pessimist. I actually love Valentine's Day. I love the fact that it's an excuse to be pampered by your honey, to write love letters, to get a little "lovey dovey" as they say. But let's face it - you don't need Valentine's Day to get your romantic self on. So what about this? Use Valentine's Day as an excuse to love yourself. Sit back and take stock of the lovely person that you are.

Here are five unique ways to give yourself some love (that also happen to be eco-friendly):

1. Write yourself a love letter. Yes, this sounds narcissistic, but nobody else has to see it. Remind yourself of what makes you special and of all the wonderful things YOU have to offer the world.

2. Force yourself out of your comfort zone. Try a new class at the gym, take on a difficult DIY project, go skydiving, etc... Just do something that makes you a little nervous and you'll come out of it with a major confidence boost.

3. Hang out with your friends. Your friends should be people who make you feel good. If they aren't, then you need new friends. I know that's harsh, but I'm a pretty firm believer in this. Good company is almost like food for the soul, so take advantage of a good, hearty, heaping of it.

4. Cry. This may sound counterproductive, but sometimes a good cry can be very emotionally purging. Own your feelings and understand it's all a part of who you are.

5. Eat a brownie. I really only put this on here because I love brownies and this is how I plan to be good to myself. I mean, I really love them. Especially when they are served warm with vanilla ice cream. My husband will have to share Valentine's Day with me and my delicious chocolate brownie a la mode. Don't worry, I'll make him one too. :)

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dognbird said...

These tips are fantastic, I'm going to do at least half of them. I love your vibe!

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