Thursday, February 25, 2010

Date with the Corner Table in the Back

My husband and I don't have television at home. I mean, we have a television, but it's hooked up to a computer, so we watch things through Hulu and Netflix. Yes, the hubby is pretty good at computers, so he's made a potentially complicated system relatively easy, even paring it all down to just one remote. Anyway, when we took our trip to the Smokies, we were able to bask in the warm glow of a gigantic television, which instantly put our minds into a sort of euphoric, yet lifeless state. I was simultaneously reminded of why I love and hate television when we got sucked into a "Beauty and the Geek" marathon. Sometime after that there was a show on about weddings. I can't remember the name, but a very controlling mother-of-the-bride proceeded to tell the venue coordinator that if a guest was wearing something she didn't like, she wanted to move them to a table in the back during the reception. WOW! I didn't watch the rest of the show, but can you imagine?!! Poor Aunt Edna on the groom's side frets for weeks about what to wear to her lovely nephew's wedding, only to find out later she was relegated to a lone table in the corner because her bright yellow and purple pant suit was deemed "not good enough."

Sheesh. This turned into a long story.

Here is my point: Avoid the corner table in the back by wearing the always trusty, Little Black Dress.
(Green With Glamour is having a huge sale today on all women's clothing. Below is the Date with Ned Dress, made out of charcoal hemp and recycled poly twil.)


Marisa said...

our tv is also the computer, and we have no tv either....don't you love husbands who are handy?
Also, bridezillas or whatever those shows are, make me embarrassed- its like watching a train wreck and I can't turn away.

deana - gwg said...

WOW... it almost sounds like they would need an extra person to stand at the door and review the guests clothing! So ridiculous.
Anyway, thanks for the sale love - 65% OFF ALL MEN'S & WOMEN'S CLOTHING @ is a crazy thing... those pieces are priced to move. LOVE that you chose the Date With Ned dress - it's one of my favorites!

Lydia, Clueless Crafter said...

We do love our computer husbands for their technical prowess, don't we? Mine is always hooking things up, which as you can tell is the most I know of what he's up to.

I've had some hideous 'back table' numbers. I'm thinking of an awful one I wore to a 2005 summer wedding. Makes me so upset!

Jennifer said...

@Marisa - Yay for handy husbands! :) I am also fascinated by the bridezillas - especially the truly crazy ones that have screaming fits in the middle of the street or something.

@Deana - That is so not a job I would ever want! Sounds like a potential movie, "The Wedding Bouncer." hehe. :)

@Lydia - Surely it wasn't that bad! I'm sure it was completely in style in 2005. :)

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