Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Venue Shopping in NYC

Since we're a national blog with a national audience, we tend to focus on more national topics, vendors, or stores. But when I received an e-mail about this particular venue in NYC, I thought it worth sharing. The Housing Works Bookstore Cafe, located in SoHo, is a non-profit organization which donates all proceeds to homeless people in New York City currently living with HIV/AIDS. Part of the non-profit is their in-house caterer, which will be happy to help create vegan and vegetarian menus if so desired.

20 foot ceilings, spiral staircases, mahagony bookshelves all lend to a very stylish and sophisticated space. Capacity for sit down wedding is 125. Price ranges from $500-$750 per hour. Here's a link to their Flickr page. See map and contact info.


TheCluelessCrafter said...

Jennifer, very often on Saturday mornings the husband and I stroll to our Housing Works on Columbus Avenue on the Upper West Side. I have found some amazing treats, especially the pair of Ferragamo patent leather oxford for my bored tootsies.

Currently I'm looking for a studio desk chair. Have yet to happen upon one I love.

Jennifer said...

What a fun way to spend a Saturday afternoon! I wish we had stores like this in Atlanta. Keep looking for that studio chair, Lydia! I hope to see pictures once you find it! :)

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