Monday, January 25, 2010

Healthy Monday: A Confession and A Question.

This is somewhat of a modified Healthy Monday post. I don't have any specific advice or information, so please consider this to be a more personal post while I touch on some healthy notes and environmental inspiration.

I've got a confession for you: In my early twenties, I rambled through life believing what the corporate giants told me, assuming if it was on the shelf it was safe, and I embarrassingly admit that the term organic was merely a word. It wasn't until a few years ago that I started to change my tune. The whole death becomes us global warming thing didn't get to me, although it was a well heeded warning. A decision born out of love rather than fear, it was the realization that we need to respect and appreciate that which we depend on: our bodies and our environment.

It wasn't easy. I always felt as if I was lagging behind, never moving fast enough. I was forced to turn down the metaphorical caffeine and slow down my life, where success was no longer defined by owning more stuff, but by simply being happy. I'm 28 now and sure, it's easy enough to do things like reduce, re-use, and recycle, but to make it a lifestyle that converges with the heart of your soul (excuse the hippie talk, I'm being very much myself), I find it important to continually seek out inspiration to further this lifestyle.

This leads me to the question of my post: Most Mondays I try to give you advice, but this week I'm turning the tables and asking you for input. What inspires you to lead a healthier, more environmentally friendly lifestyle? Is it something more abstract, like a morning rain, or more concrete evidence, like the knowledge that over 80% of marine pollution comes from land based activities? (source)

P.S. As you have probably realized, the picture doesn't have much to do with the post, it just has a nice reflective quality, which could be somewhat pertinent... Found via National Geographic


lingismyname said...

I think my desire to live as environmentally friendly as possible has evolved from my upbringing. My grandparents got by with the bare minimum as they raised a large family during war times, which translated into using things sparingly and coveting any excess. Waste of anything was foolish and not tolerated so that's shaped my "green" lifestyle ever since I was a kid.

Terra Wellness said...

Hmmm, while this may sound trite, I developed a healthy life style through my yoga practice. I grew up in the Adirondack Park and was brought up to be environmentally conscious and to respect "forever wild." But it was always something I thought about in the park and not really outside of it or how a green lifestyle would affect me (my body) personally.

When I delved into my personal yoga practice and then went on to get my 200 hour certification. The tenants of Ahimsa (non harming) really resonated with me. I was never much of a religious person, but yogic philosophy really touched me. I realized that there was no point in "non-harming" the environment if I wasn't going to treat my body the same way. So I took Ahimsa off the mat. It makes me feel like I am doing something right and contributing to the greater good. I don't think you can actually help or do good in the world if you don't help yourself first.

I hope this makes sense.
Good post...and I do love your Healthy Mondays! :)

The Water Girl said...

This may sound corny, but I care about taking care of the environment because, as a progressive Christian, I believe that human beings have a sacred responsibility to care for Gods creation.
I too, have struggled in "doing enough." I find it difficult to do all the things that I would like to do, especially being young and still starting out. It takes a lot of effort to be sustainable when, say, you live in a rental and can't garden or compost or make improvements to insulation or appliances. Every time I go to the grocery store, I use my own bags. I'm using locally produced flowers and produce for my wedding. I never really feel like that's enough. Fortunately, that's one of the advantages in believing in a universal Grace. I'm not perfect, but that's alright. I'll just keep working on it.

Glue and Glitter said...

That's such a huge question, and a great one! Some of my decisions, diet-wise are health based and others environmental. I've noticed, though, that a lot of the time what's healthier for me is healthier for the planet too. That makes it much easier!

Cassie Mary said...

Like you, I had lived up until recently believing the corporations. I didn't really think I could make a difference.
Then, I kind of had an awakening moment. I read "The Green Book." (It was available for $5.00 at Kohl's as Kohl's Cares for Kids merchandise.) It had a lot of astounding facts that brought everything down to an individual level for me. Since then, I've made it my goal to educate myself and truly believe I can change my life to benefit myself, the environment, and the future. It's a great feeling, and I just hope to lead by example. I want people to be able to see it can be done!

Groom2Be said...

I've been into the environment since I was a kid. My dad used to take us camping and hiking and we'd love it. I was a little older when I actually began to realize that humans were actively threatening the environment. I hadn't previously believed that grown-ups would ever do something like that.

So I try to do my best. :-)

Jennifer said...

@lingismyname - I think that's wonderful! I wish my parents had been more involved with the environment.

@Terra Wellness - I haven't had the opportunity to explore Yoga as much as I would like, but I've really enjoyed what I've tried so far. And great point! Helping yourself is an important step in helping others and the environment.

@The Water Girl - I don't think it's corny at all. :) It's great that you are incorporating your religious values into other parts of your life.

@Glue and Glitter - Great point! Buying less is also greener, which I think makes it easier to defy mass consumerism.

@Cassie Mary - Usually these books are bought by people who are ALREADY green. I love that you had the curiosity to pick one up and that it actually had an impact on your life choices.

@Groom2Be - I know what you mean. I remember being a kid thinking that adults could do no wrong - they took care of everything, but when I actually got older, I realized many of them were no more responsible than a 10 year old.

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