Monday, December 21, 2009

Healthy Monday: Environmentally Friendly Lights and Candles

Maybe it's because winter is (usually) cold, the nights are long, and the weather can be icky, but there is something about the holidays that begs for candlelit mantles and dinner tables. The ambiance they provide invites you into a world of cozy comfortableness. But while those "peppermint cookie" and "pumpkin pie" candles may be tempting (not to eat silly), make sure to pay attention to what they are made of. Paraffin candles, which is a petroleum byproduct, have been linked to health problems according to the American Chemical Society and to a decrease in indoor air quality.

There are eco-friendly solutions though. Pure beeswax candles are the least polluting choice. They usually last longer than paraffin candles and they smoke less too. Above: Beehive Candles. Note: If you prefer scented candles, Planet Green advises choosing ones with pure essential oils rather than synthetic fragrances.

Another favorite is the soy candle, made from soybeans (a renewable resource) and burns less soot than paraffin candles. They have a lower melting point also lending to a longer burning time. Above: Covington Creek Candle Company

Although a bit un-traditional, LED candles are a great eco-alternative. They may not produce any heat, but they have the benefit of being reusable year after year. Above: Smart Candle

Source: Planet Green
Top Photo: Real Simple


cedar chest said...

There are lots of environment-friendly products in the market. I always buy some especially those scented candles. They are also very effective for driving away mosquitoes.

Michael Costa said...

These eco-alternatives to paraffin are amazing!

The Bridesmaid said...

What a helpful post. Thanks so much for sharing!

~ The Bridesmaid

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