Monday, November 9, 2009

Healthy Monday: 5 Natural Aphrodisiacs Found in your Pantry

This may be an odd topic for a Healthy Monday post, but it's right on target for all you soon-to-be honeymooners. There's nothing wrong with introducing a little "love potion" into the bedroom. Planet Green has a rather interesting list of 5 natural aphrodisiacs, all of which are most likely found in your own pantry.

1. Cornstarch (personally, I think this is weird. Planet Green suggests the texture of this powdery "elixir" is delightful for a full body massage. I suppose to each his own...)

2. Tomato - Eating a squishy tomato is sexy. And it apparently it aids in sexual performance. Ahem...okaaaaay.

3. Avocado - High quality vitamin E supposedly can boost the state of arousal.

4. Chocolate - Well, duh!

5. Buttermilk - A buttermilk shower to be exact.

Man, these people at Planet Green are kinky! So what do you think?

Photo: Shutterbug Gal


Mouse said...

Woo hoo! I'm adding things to my shopping list.

Except maybe not the cornstarch. Um.

Richard Santini said...

Nice tip!

TheCluelessCrafter said...

Umm, cornstarch? I'm going to make a cornstarch and squishy tomato dish tonight and greet my hubby at the door wearing only cellophane (what movie am I alluding to??).

Can't wait for the reaction!

bunniesnbeagles said...

I'm not surprised about the avocados. Mr. Beagle eats a lot of these because they are his favorites. Maybe now I know why they are his favorites.

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