Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Mother Earth Brewing Company

Do you plan to serve beer at your wedding? There are the tried and true bottles that most bars stock - Budweiser, Heineken, MillerCoors, etc... And there is nothing wrong with those (not that I'm a heavy drinker of domestic or imported beer, but for liability reasons, it's best not to step on toes), but why not add a little uniqueness to your event by providing either beverages from a local brewery or from an environmentally friendly one? Or both! If you live in North Carolina, you might want to check out Mother Earth Brewing, a brewery which aims to be low impact and environmentally friendly. For instance, they remodeled an old building to operate out of, which now utilizes recycled blue jean insulation, eco carpet partially made out of renewable resources, and a one kilowatt solar array that now stands atop the building. They also employ green brewing procedures, such as sending spent grain to local farmers to use as "top quality feed," rather than send it to the landfills.

I've never tried this beer, but I do like how they offer beer style and food pairing suggestions on their website! Very handy in my opinion!

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