Thursday, October 22, 2009

Around The Web!

It's Friday! (Oops! I mean Thursday! Yesterday was long enough to make me believe today would be Friday!) Enjoy this mish mash of neato stuff found around the web.

For the photographers out there! Submit your photographs to the newest e-zine, Eco-Beautiful Weddings, created by Katie Martin of the DC based, Elegance and Simplicity Weddings. Scheduled to launch in December of 2009.

Have fun with 100% recycled tissue paper. Perfect for your out of town gift bags!

Get your arms, chest, back, legs, and abdominals in shape with the 20 minute workout from

Check out this beautiful, 200-guest wedding, planned for under $15,000. Found on the always charming Snippet and Ink.


kim said...

somebodys excited for the weekend -- I wish it was Friday!!! :)

Jennifer said...

Haha! Oops! I too wish it was Friday, as you can obviously see. Thank you, Kim!

Mouse said...

HOORAY! Recycled tissue paper! I have been worrying about the tissue paper usage. Yay! Thanks!

Katie Martin said...

Thanks Jennifer!!! We love you!

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