Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Unique Sustainably Harvested Wood Jewelry

I came across these while perusing the charming PDX Bride blog. The intricate and delicate design is beautiful and I particularly love the sturdy femininity of each piece. PDX Bride purchased a pair of Orange Slice earrings as a thank you gift for a friend. I would imagine most jewelry lovers, especially those who enjoy unique pieces, would get a kick out of these.

Orange Slice is a small company dedicated to being low impact and environmentally friendly. Each piece is created from a non-toxic hardwood, laminate that is made from sustainable harvested trees.


loren weltsch said...

i picked up a pair at the renegade fair in sf. i love how the earrings are so light!

Phoenix Life Insurance said...

These are wonderful and look like they would match many different outfits.

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