Friday, August 7, 2009

Re-purposing Bottles into Vases

When it comes to repurposing things, I am pretty resourceful. Last Spring, my egg cartons dubbed as seed holders, an old sake cup did the trick when I needed a toothpick holder for a cocktail party, and my holey socks are great dusters. But my favorite things to repurpose are glass jars and bottles. Below you'll find a picture of my mantle at home. The tall vase in the middle is actually a repurposed Looza Juice bottle, to the right is an organic cranberry juice bottle, and the little jar on the far right is a vintage bottle I got at a flea market!

For a wedding or a party, I think you could easily repurpose glass jars into vases. Uniformity is nice, but different sizes and types of vases on each table add character and thought to your centerpiece, even if it did contain pineapple juice at one time. If you don't think you're the reusing kind of gal, don't fret. There are plenty of other eco-friendly choices out there and they don't always have to hold flowers. Think about stones, candles, foliage, photographs, bird seed, beans...with a little creativity, the choices are endless!

Clockwise: Urban Outfitters 100% recycled vase, Clever Lids for Tin Cans found via Re-Nest, FloresDelSol Ferns and Milk Vintag Vases, Custom Signature Vases found via Inhabitat


Dacia said...

I've been doing the same thing! So far, I have a collection of old mason jars and spaghetti sauce jars, among others. I love this idea.

Rachel said...

Enjoy your blog. Thank you.

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