Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Artist Ketubahs

The Jewish marriage contract, the Ketubah, is typically an illustrated, frame-worthy piece of art which both the bride and groom sign on their wedding day. They come in many shapes and sizes and are usually designed by an artist which specializes in Ketubahs. If you're in the market for one, Ketubah.com is kind of the mega mall of Ketubahs, but don't shy away from the ones that break the mold a little. One of my favorite artists is New Ketubah's Tsilli Pines, a graphic designer and artist who delights in putting a modern spin on her Ketubahs.

I've never come across a specifically eco-friendly Ketubah company, have you?

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Daniel Sroka said...

I believe that most independent ketubah designers, like myself (Modern Ketubah) could be considered eco-friendly. Here's some examples:

I work out of a studio in my home. Since I have no commute, I don't generate any extra carbon emissions.

My ketubah store is online, and my ordering and proofing process is completely digital, minimizing paper waste.

I print my ketubahs to order for each customer, instead of printing them in bulk from a larger printer. Therefore, I am not generating huge amounts of paper waste or energy consumption.

I only print my ketubahs on 100% cotton-rag paper, a renewable resource. I only use paper that does not use any brighteners or chemicals.

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