Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Setting up the nest...

My husband and I currently have no dining room table. We have a dining room, but no table. Alas, it is a sad thing, but we have a good reason. We'd rather hold out until we can afford the table of our dreams, plus it's just not a priority. But if it was, and especially if I lived in New York, I'd be making a beeline for Brooklyn Farm Table. They transform reclaimed wood into beautiful, hand crafted tables that would make any dining room say, "You complete me."

BFT found via Canvas and Clover


laura said...

I agree, right now we have a cheap little table from ikea.

I'm holding out for something smiler.
but half as long!!

I WISH my dining room could accommodate that table.

Jennifer said...

I hear you Laura! I wish I had that dining room AND that table! :)

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