Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Fly Away Cake

So sweet and seemingly so easy! I'm going to assume the sticks weren't edible, but it would be cool if they were! :)

Photography from Our Labor of Love


Susan and Stewart Powers said...

What an addorable cake! This cake would be be great for a winter wedding or an outdoor one. I agree with you. If the sticks were edible, that would be totally cool :)

Powers Photography

acessories said...

WOW..what an earth friendly cake

Jennifer said...

What a great idea, Susan and Stewart! It would make a great winter cake!

Big Bouquet said...

This would be perfect for a winter wedding!
A real contemporary take on a wedding cake- and v. stylish!
I'm a wedding photographer from Bournemouth and I'll show this idea to my new clients.

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