Thursday, May 29, 2008

You can't be blue when you eat blueberries!


I'm on a diet...scratch's not a diet, it's a "lifestyle change."

Yes, I'm on a lifestyle change which has me eating healthier and exercising regularly. This means no more sweets. Wait..scratch that too. Who am I kidding! I love sweets so I'm not taking them out of my diet completely, but I have promised myself to eat less of them. (I promise there is a point to this post - just bear with me.) So what have I been doing to curb that sweet craving? Eating berries, blueberries to be exact! Of course I throw in some strawberries, but I LOVE them blueberries! (we're getting closer now) And they're in season now so they're delish!

So this all got me thinking, why not incorporate blueberries, or any of your favorite fruit, into your wedding? You can buy them in bulk from your local farmers market or you could even grow your own if you planned early enough! I did some research and came across this great article of a gal that helped her friend, the bride, bake 18 blueberry pies right before the big day! Apparently it was hard work, but well worth the effort!

credits: top picture found at StacyKane, Bottom left found at Flickr, and bottom right found at Baked Blog.


Simone said...

I may have to convert to being a sweets person. These pictures are a feast for the eyes + the imagination.

Be inspired in your lifestyle change! I buy Stonyfield Organic French Vanilla yogurt and put in tons of blueberries. I eat 2 large tablespoons *surprisingly it's a lot of yogurt* and the blueberries just take it there. Yum.

gift girl said...

Congrats on your lifestyle change! And any change that involves eating blueberries is a good one!

Jennifer said...

Thanks Simone! That's such a great idea! I love yogurt so I will definitely have to try that!

Ditto gift girl & thank you!

Susan and Stewart Powers said...

Greetings. I have enjoyed my visit here today. I found your link on Melissa-MasterPiece Weddings blog.

Blueberries have another quality - they help to even out blood sugar - and are considered among the best fruit for diabetics to eat.

It is funny to me that my bird will eat every berry except blueberries. I think she saves them for me. She's a smart bird.

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