Thursday, July 12, 2007

Make some trees happy!

All bow down to the almighty Google. I love Google. I hate them too. We have a love/hate relationship, Google and I. They gave me my little free blog on the web which I really love working on, but they also hover above us like a big giant bird with beautiful wings and then one day, "PLOP!" it poops on you. Okay, that wasn't a great analogy, but you kind of see what I'm getting at...maybe...hopefully...

Alright, down to business. While this is something that isn't really new, there no doubt must be some of you who aren't aware of it. I wasn't aware of it and I don't live under a rock, I promise. Google has once again provided us with a very useful little web gadget. Most brides like to carry some sort of wedding notebook, chock full of ideas, examples, pictures, spreadsheets, guest lists, etc... And Well, it's time to turn that notebook into a digital notebook, the Google Notebook! The Google notebook lets you add notes, save pictures, and organize all the goodies you find sporadically throughout the web, all in one place! Not only does this eliminate the need to use paper, therefor keeping waste and consumption down, but also eliminates the time it takes to print out that awesome picture of Eva Longoria's hairdo. Just a click of the mouse and you can save it to your google notebook! It may not seem the most exciting or influential way to help the environment, but remember, every little bit counts. One google notebook at a time.

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