Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Green + honeymoon = Greenmoon!

Looking for a honeymoon destination that offers more than just a great tan? Go on a greenmoon! Check out Lapa Rios, located in Costa Rica, it's a peaceful resort nestled in a private nature reserve in Central America's last remaining tropical rainforest. The resorts environmental efforts really are to be admired-being green isn't just their marketing ploy (and if it was, I wouldn't be writing about them). They take the time to educate their guests about their conservation and community involvement programs. They provide sustainability tours as well as tours of the local school created with the help of the owners of Lapa Rios. And as you can see from the pictures above, the resort is beautiful! Even if you don't end up choosing Lapa Rios, you should still read about the school and check out their wish list. You just might have some of the stuff they need laying around your house.

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