Saturday, December 6, 2014

A World Of Pure Imagination

This is a post from my new adventure, Fairy Much Fun! Come visit and take a look at our 2014 Holiday Fairy Homes.

We live in a world where being an adult means not believing in fairies (or hobbits, or gnomes, or birds that will do our laundry.) Okay, birds will probably never do our laundry, otherwise I'd have a very posh aviary with some very well fed birds, but the rest of it? Well, I'm done and ready to stick a fork in this belief that growing up means losing our imaginations! I'm not talking about completely up-rooting ourselves from reality. I'm talking about letting go of a pre-conceived notion that magic and love and amazing things aren't possible.

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I'm putting this out there, because I'm done with my facade. I love the make-believe world. I cry when I go to Disney World. I get just as excited as my four year old when I meet Princess Belle or Aladdin. I believe that our trees have souls, that there is a place where fairies exist, and the number three is special. Let's remember that just because we can't comprehend something, doesn't mean it's not possible. Our eyes can only see what our brain can compute, so the next time you get unexplainable goosebumps, hear a soft whisper out of nowhere, or simply feel you aren't alone, take note and take heed, because just maybe, there's a reason for it.

So what's your secret? Encounter with a ghost? Have you seen something a bit odd in your peripheral vision? Feel a poke on your shoulder when no one was there? Please do share in the comments!
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