Wednesday, April 25, 2012

SmartPhones and Electronic Wedding Invitations

My dad is looking for a new cell phone. He's got this basic little, clam shell Motorola. You know? The kind where everyone said, "Wow, it's so thin," when they saw it! My dad and this phone - they've been through a lot together and when it cracked, he lovingly patched it back up with duct tape. Duct tape that his phone still wears. It's like a badge of honor. If it could talk, it would say, "Look! I still work and I am still loved." Now, my dad says he is ready for a smart phone. HOLD UP! Stop the presses, folks. My dad, who is in his late 60's is ready for a smart phone.

This means one thing and one thing only. Paper wedding invitations are on the way out. Now, I hate to say this, especially since I grew up in a world where paper invitations and handwritten thank you cards were the epitome of proper etiquette, but technology is changing too quickly. And there is a whole new generation of brides and grooms ready to put their mark out there with stunning animated gifs (as seen above from From Me to You), hilarious video content, and easily created e-mailed invitations - it's only a matter of time before electronic wedding invitations are perfectly acceptable. This is of course a good thing for the environment, as less paper will be used, but it's still quite sad in my opinion.

Will this happen tomorrow? No, but I predict in the next ten years e-invitations will be pretty commonplace, perhaps even revolutionary. Of course, what is old always becomes new again, so I imagine in 60 years, after electronic invitations become the norm, people will start handwriting their own invitations on vintage paper or something just to be unique. Like when they tried to make bell bottoms cool again. Or maybe that was just me? Maybe I was the only one who tried to revive bell bottoms... It didn't work out very well.


Lissa (The Wedding Bistro at Bellenza) said...

Yup, looks like e-vites are a growing trend! (I feel the same way about people now reading novels on an ipad. A bit sad. How can you smell the paper? Unless of course they come up with a scent app for that, too!)

Jennifer said...

Haha! Oh boy, I can only imagine the fun people would have with a scent app! :)

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