Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Home Is Where...? Living In A Tiny Home.

I'm curious how many of you own a home and how many of you rent. My hubby and I rented an apartment during our engagement and we spent the entire time pining for our own place. We had loud neighbors, rats in the walls, and car break-ins almost on a weekly basis. Now we own a home and although I love it, there is serious commitment that comes with a mortgage. We can't just pick up and move, as I wrote about here.

I was reminded of this when reading Ash's blog, English Major's Narrative, when she wrote about her desire to build a Tumblewood home. If you don't know, the Tumblewood company creates and sells plans for really tiny homes, all of which look incredibly comfortable, eco-friendly, and worthy of kicking it back in after a long day. Maybe the best thing about owning a tiny home though is that you really can just pick up and move...whenever you want!

Of course, I have a hubby and a toddler and there is no way we could live comfortably in one of these tiny homes for an extended period of time, but that doesn't stop me from dreaming about it. I can easily see myself enjoying the Popoma house, one of their "towable" homes (pictured below), and truckin' it out to Sausalito, California (one of my favorite U.S. cities.)

What about you? Could you simplify your life enough to live in a tiny home? Where would you take your portable home?

All photos from The Tumblewood Tiny House Company


Angaramiel said...

Such cute homes!

My fiance and I rented for years, and we ended up moving pretty much every year. When Hal got a job out here in Sandpoint, ID and we moved away from Atlanta, we decided we were going to rent for the first 9-months then try to find a home to buy.
Unfortunately, most of the homes here are in such disrepair that anything in our price range was going to need so much work just to keep the utilities from going through the roof.
Then, one of our friends showed us this new pocket neighborhood going in, with this builder who made it his goal to show that a nice, eco-friendly (all the homes built so far are rated Silver with NAHB) home could be built without paying seriously out of pocket.
Through meeting that builder, he pointed us to an architect who designs "GoodFit" homes. The houses are space-efficient, something I'd never even thought about before. So, we had a space-efficient, eco-friendly home built, and I can not be happier. Yah, we can't just get up and move, but I always found I only wanted to move when I didn't love the place I was in. I love where I am now. is the website for those goodfit home plans.

Jennifer said...

Love to hear your story, Angaramiel! Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad I inspired you to dream about a tiny home! Some of their larger homes are more manageable for families, but yeah the smaller ones are pretty close quarters.

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