Thursday, April 26, 2012

Getting Into Shape

Oh my God, people. I just got back from my very first Zumba class. I am not even sure what just happened. Move your butt here, put your hips on the other side of the room, now walk around, now slap your bootie... WTF!? I spent the entire hour trying to figure out which body part went where and avoiding eye contact with the mirror. Of course, when I finally did look in the mirror I literally had to bite my tongue from laughing. I looked ridiculous! Was I dancing or seizing? I'm not really sure, but in the end I had a ton of fun and it certainly forced me out of my comfort zone.

My motivation stems from the fact that we are heading to the beach over the summer. However, having to get back into a bathing suit after having a baby is probably only the second most popular reason for hitting the gym. The first most popular, I'm willing to bet, is an upcoming wedding. Are you a bride trying to get into shape for your wedding? If so, share your workout plan and/or your own goals.



Nora said...

this post made me laugh out loud! too funny!

But way to get back at it! I signed up for a half marathon because I am a masochist as it turns out!


Jennifer said...

Haha! Thanks, Nora! Way to go on signing up for a half marathon!

Adrienne @ MyDeejay said...

HAHA! I can just picture it!

This is why I prefer Zumba for the PS3 Move in the privacy of my living room. The only "people" who might laugh hysterically at my bad dance moves would be my cats and they'll never tell ;)

Jennifer said...

Hi Adrienne,
Haha! Back when I used to do P90X (it was short lived) I am pretty sure my dogs cackled at me behind my back. In hindsight, I really should have just gotten a Zumba DVD to at least learn the moves beforehand.

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