Monday, April 16, 2012

Eco-Crafty Springtime Centerpiece

It's springtime. Beautiful springtime. This means two things: allergies and vegetable gardens! I sneeze. I plant. I sneeze. I plant. This year we expanded our garden and I've planted everything from watermelon to eggplant to carrots. The fruits of my labor better be worth every sneeze, sniffle, and soggy tissue!

Anyway, I came across this, seriously, seriously awesome little centerpiece idea. I truly love this milk carton planter - it's an easy DIY creation from one of my new favorite blogs, Family Chic. (See the entire tutorial here.) The wrapping is a simple linen cloth, but I suppose you could also use a biodegradable fabric, such as burlap or jute. Perfect for a springtime wedding or shower.

See more eco-crafty ideas on my Pinterest board!
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