Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Eco-Wedding Inspiration: Grow Your Own Flowers {Zinnias}

Wedding Day Zinnias{photo from GardenWeb} I know it seems really intimidating, but growing your own wedding day flowers can actually be a cinch. The fact is, you can save a ton of money growing your own and can also cut back on transportation pollution, since wholesale florals have to be delivered and picked up. A major plus for the eco-wedding bride and groom.

If you are concerned about the design of your arrangements, I still suggest hiring a florist. I consider myself a pretty aesthetically inclined gal, - I have a degree in graphic design and all that jazz - but I am horrible at floral design.

Green Wedding Zinnias

{photo from Burpee} If you're having a summer or fall wedding, now is the time to start planting. According to A Garden Wedding (great website, by the way), zinnias do well in most climates, although she cautions not to believe seed catalogs when they say, "blooms all season." Apparently the term "season" is loosely defined, so don't be afraid to call your local garden centers to find out what varieties are best and when they most frequently bloom.

{Photo from Such Pretty Things.} Zinnias are great for beginner gardeners. All they need are plenty of sun, warmth, and well drained soil. They come in a beautiful variety of colors. I am loving these pastel purples and pinks.

Grow Wedding Zinnias

{Photo from Knit Owl} If you do decide to arrange your own florals, and you don't consider yourself a natural floral designer, I strongly suggest sticking with loosely designed centerpieces like the one above and below. Remember that flowers have to be assembled, most likely on the day of your wedding, and you don't want to add to the stress of your wedding day by worrying about perfect floral arrangements. In fact, don't stress over perfection at all.

Grow Wedding Zinnias

{Photo from Elite Choice} You don't have to use traditional vases either. Consider re-using everyday items, like pitchers and jugs.

Wedding Zinnias

{Photo from Fleurisy} This is one of my favorites. I love the juxtaposition of the soft white zinnias and the romantic greens and pinks.

Wedding Zinnias

{Photo from City Home Country Home} Again, think outside the box. Eco-weddings don't always have to feature heavy floral arrangements. Consider adding non-floral items to your centerpieces.

Zinnia Bouquet

{Photo from Bollea} This orange zinnia really pops in a sea of white flowers in this bouquet.

Additional resources:
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Lizzie B. said...

Love this idea! Thanks, Jennifer!

brit said...

I love zinnias, especially green ones!

cheap bridesmaid dresses said...

Appreciate. The flower is so colorful, and I love color in spring.

Kelly said...

Love all the beautiful things like this....Thanks for your great work!!!

Karen @ Wedding Flowers Co said...

beautiful ideas. Thanks for sharing!

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see what i sea designs said...

Zinnias are some of my favorite flowers to grow! They're so easy and tend to reseed on their own a bit every year. Plus, they're just happy!

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