Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Are you being lied to?

Have you ever caught someone in a lie? Did you do anything about it? I used to pride myself on being diplomatic and even keeled and if I thought someone was lying to me, I would merely brush it off and tell myself, "That's just who they are." I think it's because I turned 30, or because I have a toddler and every drop of patience I have is spent on her, but I really don't care anymore about being diplomatic or shall we even say, "mature." I don't consider this attitude change of mine a good thing - it's like I'm one of those old ladies who will tell you to hurry the F up when you're taking too long at the salad bar. Anyway, when I recently caught a "friend" in a lie, I told her about it. And then you know what she did?! She acted like a sick puppy, played the complete victim, and I couldn't help but feel she was trying to manipulate me. In a previous life, I would have tried to hang on to our friendship, but I can't deal with the fakery anymore. I deleted her from my Facebook friend list. Take that beeyotch!

So have you ever caught anyone in a lie or wondered if someone really was lying to you? This Ted Talk video by Pamela Meyer, author of a book called Lie Spotting, is really interesting and short enough to watch during your lunch break or when the kids are in bed.

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