Friday, February 3, 2012

Including Personal Pictures In Your Wedding

How has your week been? Are you looking forward to the weekend? Have any accomplishments you'd like to share? As for me, I have been enjoying the dish rack we got at Ikea (ahhh, it's the small things in life). I also managed to get a haircut while my 18 month old sat in my lap. That was the fastest anyone ever cut my hair and we all managed to survive - no nicks, cuts, or bruises! Yay! I took a picture, which I've been trying to do a lot of lately. My little girl will love to have pictures of her and her mommy when she gets older, no matter what I look like, so I'm trying really hard to kick the "I-look-like-crap-in-this-picture" frame of mind.

Speaking of pictures, I love seeing photos of loved ones and family members included in wedding decor. You can do this to honor those you love and cherish, whether living or passed away, and it's also a wonderful way to include your parents or grandparents - say if you wish to highlight their fifty plus years of marriage or something. Will you be doing something like this on your wedding day?

People also love to see photos of the bride and groom as children!
photo from Landlocked Bride

 - photo uploaded by user on Pinterest

photo from Portland Bride and Groom

photo from Style Unveiled

Top Photo: From The Sweetest Occasion

And with that folks, I am just about out of here for day, 
but I have a few important things to share first:

WilliamsBrides  - An interactive wedding event held in Williamsburg, Brooklyn - February 26th

 Committed - An avant-garde wedding event in Chicago, IL - February 26 - a fun, new wedding boutique

Did you see yesterday's post? We're still looking for ways to help Wayne!



Jen @ Bijou Bride said...

I always LOVE it when photos are displayed at weddings. It's so much fun to look through and relive old memories or laugh at how ridiculous the bride looked in her awkward stage. It makes the day more personal!

Engagement Rings said...

Love the images, love looking at vintage images and checking out the fashion.

prom dresses said...

This is so beautiful! I love it, great job with the photos!

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