Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Eco-friendly Wedding Venue: The Zoo

zoo wedding

picture from heatherparker.com

Today I visited the zoo, which I happen to find a really fun place, mainly because I have a weird obsession with gorillas. I find them fascinating, yet scary at the same time (which is the same attitude I have towards aliens, but since that probably puts me too far in into the realm of weirdness, I won't elaborate.) So anyway, while visiting the gorilla exhibit today, I noticed a large silverback male contentedly munching on a four foot bamboo snack and basking on the sun. He was only about 20 feet away and as the crowd around me started to grow, he suddenly tossed down his leafy snack, crossed his arms, stuck out his bottom lip and sent piercing death stares in the direction of our crowd. Of course, I was just happy to be making eye contact, so I was excitedly waving and grinning like a fool.

This basically leads me to my question for today's post: have you ever thought of having a wedding at the zoo? (I know you think sometimes your boyfriend/fiance/husband belongs in the zoo, but that is not a good reason to have a zoo wedding.) Zoos usually make for great venues, because they are typically environmentally conscious organizations made up of people who take great pains to care for the animals and their environment. My only concern would be the smell as zoos are not kind to the olfactory senses. Lots of animals, lots of poop. Just sayin'.


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