Monday, January 2, 2012

Own Your Imperfection Baby! (The first resolution to make when planning an eco-friendly wedding.)

If you got engaged over the holiday season, then welcome and congratulations! If you're one of my wonderful returning visitors or just passing through, then thank you, thank you for stopping by!

Perhaps it's my lack of time management skills, lack of sleep, or my lack of ability to think about anything other than whoopie pies right now (made some for a New Year's party and I am trying to refrain from eating the leftovers), but the post I had planned to share with you today is just too lame to see the light of your screen. It was supposed to be this insanely awesome, motivational, new-year-new-you kind of speech, perfect for the bride-to-be about to embark on an amazing journey of creating and planning an earth friendly wedding. However, I'm just not feeling it and I don't really feel like trying to pull the kumbaya wool over your eyes.

Rather, I'm going to be perfectly blunt and perfectly honest. If you're about to embark on a series of wedding planning adventures, or perhaps you're already engaged in one, and especially if you want to incorporate all sorts of eco-friendly goodness into your special day, then this should be your first New Year's Resolution: Remind yourself everyday "I'm Not Perfect!"

There you go. Ready. Say it with me. "I'm. Not. Perfect."

Are you the kind of person that needs this reminder? I know I am. Hell, I am the kind of person who stresses out when I have a couple of people over for dinner, can you imagine how insane I went when I essentially invited 120 people over for dinner, with three course meals, dancing, live music, toasts, cake...! So hire a planner, don't hire a planner, employ friends, or do it all yourself (not recommended), but if you want to enjoy the journey of planning a wedding, then don't hold yourself, and your event, to an unattainable level of perfection.

Over the next couple of weeks, we'll expand upon this and start exploring this awesome new level of imperfection and how it relates to planning a wedding with environment in mind. In the most candid and honest way possible, we'll cover:

  • embracing your love for the earth, yourself, and even how
    to embrace your mom's insistence that you wear
    her wedding dress...from 1979
  • planning an earth friendly wedding without breaking the bank
    (hey! we aren't cheap, we are
  • handling potential losers who can't deal with
    you caring about the earth
  • thinking inside and outside the environmental comfort box
and much more, my friends!

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