Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Own It Baby! I'm a Sloth!

First off, thank you for such a great response to my imperfection posts. I have received a lot of supportive mentions and e-mails regarding my first post, so thank you for that.

I have to say, I am a bit of a sloth. "Reeeaaallly slow and steady wins the race" is my motto. I blame it on my roots. My mom's from Alabama, my dad's from New York, so I have this weird brain that wants to move fast but can't. I've come to accept my slothy ways.

One advantage to being a sloth is that you rarely find yourself in a stressful situation because of an impulsive decision. On the other hand, you can run yourself in circles trying to make the "perfect" decision. If I was a sloth, this is what would go through my head on my thirty minute climb to the tastiest branch: "I should start with the twigs then move on to the leaves. No, maybe the leaves first and then the twigs. Okay, let's envision I ate the leaves first...am I happy?"

I could never understand how some gals are able to plan their wedding in six months or less, but some of us work well at a faster pace. Whether you are a turtle, a hare, or the ridiculously slow sloth like me, you should be planning at the pace that suits you best. It's also important not to let yourself fall into the comparison trap. For instance, don't listen when a friend says, "Well, I had my invitations done, my venue secured, my cake picked out, aaaand my dress tailored six months before my wedding day." Just smile sweetly and say, "Yeah, but your cake sucked."

Okay, kidding. I had to slip that in. :) The point is to own what works best for you. Enjoy your wedding planning and the days of your engagement!


Josie said...

I am the opposite of a sloth and could do with being a bit more sloth like. Sometimes I make decisions a little too hastily! Balance is the key I guess.

Jennifer said...

I hear you, Josie. Balance is definitely key, but it's something I can't quite seem to grasp yet.

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