Thursday, January 5, 2012

Own It Baby! Embrace Your Feminine Side!

This post is for my women readers, and let's face it, that's pretty much all of you. So welcome my female brethren! Let us rejoice in front of the fertility Goddess and drink champagne whilst gossiping about the hot pool boy next door... Oh wait, that's my other life. *Blushes and chuckles at own hilarity*

Anyway, so here's the deal ladies. We women are special. Not special like Gollum, but special in the sense that we have an obligatory duty to care for the world. Before you start throwing feminist bombs at me, I will mention that it's the man's job too. It's most definitely the guy's job and while some are great at it, others would rather chug beer and play video games.

So chug away, fellers. We are awesome and we're going to save the world!

We are the natural caregivers of the world and deep down, we all desire to see our world flourish, our environment protected, and it's people thrive. Maybe it's that we are given (or nature threw this in our lap) the gift of carrying a child in our wombs for 9 months. Perhaps it's because we have the ability to give our babies nourishment and health through nursing (which nature literally threw in our lap). Whatever the case, let's embrace our feminine abilities to nurture and comfort. Whether it's a person, an animal, or part of our environment, we have the ability to heal, comfort, and nurture.

Let's start owning it, baby!

Phew, that was an effort to be inspiring, but I feel like that entire post needed to be played to the soundtrack of Rocky! What inspires you to care for the environment?

I feel I should add that this is no way a commentary about my own husband, who does take the time to put all our recyclables in the recycle bin. Go hubby!

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