Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Grocery Bag Grandma

Do you have any insane relatives? Will you be inviting them to your wedding? The crazy award in my family goes to my late paternal grandmother, who unfortunately passed away by the time I got married. She had two modes of operation - crazy and more crazy. Most of my family members, including me, believe she had a pretty severe chemical imbalance, but I also like to believe that deep down she was a kind, warm-hearted person who just took a wrong turn somewhere in life and couldn't get back on track. I do have to give her credit though for being accidentally green. It was quite common for my grandma to use a plastic grocery bag as a handbag, which was due to more of an apathy about personal style than out of a desire to re-use and reduce. 

In honor of my "grocery bag grandma," and in an effort to bring her back to life in a more pleasant light, I thought it would be nice to feature some stylish re-usable grocery totes. So here's to you grandma! I hope you enjoy these "grocery bags"!

5. What a Sloth! (My personal favorite.)

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aurea @ pricewise events said...

It's nice to create something very useful and honor it to a loved-one. :)

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