Monday, December 5, 2011

Dry Skin and Eco-Remedies

Do you ever wonder why we say "old man winter" is approaching? Why is it not "young, vivacious hunky winter?" I know why. It's because the old guy brings all his issues with him: colds, sore throats, and worst of all, dry skin! My hands take the brunt of it, as year after year I throw them into an armor-less battle with dry air and cold weather, resulting in unsightly cracked knuckles and fingers.

This can be a bigger problem for all you newly wed and newly engaged, since everyone wants to see your ring. Suddenly everyone wants to see the new bling, forcing you to display your digits, even if they are dryer than the Sahara desert. So what's an eco-friendly and chemical conscious gal to do? There are big brand lotions out there that are relatively safe, such as Cetaphil and Curel, but what if you prefer a lotion made by a smaller company, a lotion that is 100% safe, or maybe you prefer to make your own? Below is a compilation of eco-friendly and skin safe products for your skin moisturizing pleasure.

Additional Resources: 
Skin Deep, a cosmetics safety database


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