Monday, November 28, 2011

The Environment and Your Wedding

 I've never given much thought to trends. In fact, while running Earthly Affair, and against the advice of others, I never subscribed to any wedding magazines so that I could "keep up with the trends." I didn't want the company to follow the masses. Our focus was the environment and excellent customer service. It's what I believed the most in and it's what I excelled at.

I firmly believe that a wedding theme should be chosen in the same manner. This is not just a wedding. It's your wedding. It's your story. It's a reflection of the love that exists between two souls. Therefore it only makes sense that your wedding day focuses on what you believe in. What you both believe in.

We used to live within a society where you almost had to apologize for being an environmentalist and I'm sure some of you still live in a world like that. If you've got family chipping in or paying for your wedding who seem embarrassed by your eco-friendly attitude, there's nothing wrong with reconsidering their offer, especially if you believe they'll expect to have major input on your wedding decisions. (I promise there are ways to handle that without coming across as a crunchified jacka**, but we can get into that on another day.) A wedding that costs $5,000, but represents your love for the earth, will forever make you happier than the one that costs $50,000 and does nothing but make your heart sink. And forgive me for being blunt, but if people don't like it, they can go take a the woods...and the irony is they'll be the same woods you're trying to protect!

So anyway, trends will always exist. Wedding trends, fashion trends, technology trends... Hell, even food trends! There was a time when the eco-friendly wedding was a major trend. Now? Not so much. But who cares? Ultimately, "trends" are created in an effort to be different and then everyone copies them and they aren't different anymore. This isn't worth worrying over. Do what makes you two happy. Create a wedding day that says, "This is us. This is what we love and this is why we love eachother." 


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