Monday, October 17, 2011

Stop Comparing Your Self and Your Engagement Ring

I've always found it kind of odd how competitive girls can get over their engagement rings. When I was planning my wedding, I once went to a brunch with about 20 other brides-to-be for a fun filled afternoon of girlie wedding chat, but toward the end of our date, one of the girls insisted we take a photo of all our hands so we could "show off" our engagement rings. Some of the women had some really amazing and beautiful rings, but it became quite apparent this was merely a showdown of who had the best, the prettiest, the most expensive ring. As we all stood there, our hands planted on the table, I noticed that every girl was looking at any ring but her own.  It's a good thing all you could see were the hands in that picture, otherwise you would have seen a lot of awkward and uncomfortable faces.

Perhaps I'm over analyzing, but I hate how we women are so quick to compare everything from our body shape to our wardrobe to our wedding rings. Maybe it's just my age (turned 30 this year), but I am so. over. it.

I'm ending this post with an wedding ring that is not only beautiful, but a one-of-a-kind handmade piece - just like you, my friend. You don't have to be a diamond ring kind of girl if you don't want to be. :)


Natasha said...

I've never compared myself with rings, dresses, shoes, belts, panties... I only compare myself with myself (and sharks).

Lizzie B. said...

Well said! Girls can be so's time to stop competing and start being nicer to one another! I'm making it a habit to compliment total strangers if I love their hair, shoes, dress, whatever! Everyone is always pleasantly surprised to get a compliment from another girl. =)

Hudson Valley Green

Jennifer said...

Love what you said, Lizzie! What you're doing is great - we are often so preoccupied with with ourselves we don't take the time to compliment others. I am sure you have made a few people's day!

sapphire ring said...

Women at the age of mid-20's tend to compare their wedding rings to almost anyone who has more beautiful ring.

Emily Merkert said...

I just found your blog (I'm beginning wedding planning) and saw this beautiful, non-diamond ring; I wanted to share my uncle's business/new discovery: he makes a stone called Equinite, which is made from polished horse hoof clippings. Horse lovers can send in a clipping (done routinely and usually thrown out) and he turns it into a gorgeous ring (or other piece of jewelry) that looks like it was made from a precious gem! Here is the website: No mining required! :)

engagement rings said...

That ring is really amazing. Does it really consist of 5 stackable silver rings?

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