Friday, March 4, 2011

Super Food for Friday!

photo from The Steamy Kitchen - check it out, it's an awesome site!

Can you tell food is on my mind? This is my second post this week about food! I read somewhere recently that Kale is a super food (which means it's really freaking good for you). And I really love Kale! Not raw so much though. Anyway, I am on the path to eating better and living healthier in an effort to regain my energy. It's completely depleted so it's time to buck up and put away the cookies. More on this later though.
What are some of your favorite super foods?


Kent Wedding Photographer said...

Jennifer, nothing wrong with talking about food, especially when it's as appealing as this. Now, having said this, I haven't heard of Kale before but it does look very appetising. I presume this is a form of cabbage? or spinach maybe?

Stacey said...

I definitely am a huge kale lover! I've been blending it in my smoothies lately, but I love sauteing it and also raw with a lemon-style dressing. Check this amazing recipe on 101 Cookbooks -

Jennifer said...

@Kent Wed: Hi there! Yes, kale is indeed a form of cabbage. It's somewhat similar to collard greens as they are also thick and hearty. Personally, I don't like it raw, but sauteed or added to soup is a delicious way to eat it in my opinion.

@Stacey: I think I might change my mind about not liking raw kale! That looks delicious! Thanks for the link!

Heather said...

I also love kale. A few days ago I had a braised kale salad with cold sweet potatoes, bacon, and gorgonzola. It was delicious and so healthy.

Some other super foods I enjoy.. blueberries, any kind of berries really... green tea...

BLISS! said...

I love kale. and now i'm hungry. thanks for this :)

just found your blog. loving the concept.

Michaela @ bliss!
(now following)

BerryLady said...

I like kale too, especially in the soup, lots and lots of it ... YUM. I also juice it up with carrots.

I am following your blog. Love it.
Jenny Lorr -

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