Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Plantains a Plenty!

So last Saturday I went to a Caribbean restaurant where I had a very interesting experience with ox tail. (Read the whole "tale" here.) And while the ox tail didn't exactly delight my culinary senses, the fried plantains did. Have you ever had these deeeelish-ious little banana like fruits? I am sure the frying part makes them completely wrong and unhealthy, but they are very yummy. This really got me thinking. Why not offer them at weddings? A vegetarian inspired fare would do quite well with these little puppies offered up around dessert time. Or perhaps buy them yourself and wrap up some baked plantain chips for your out of town guests or to give as favors (edible favors are quite eco as they usually leave no waste). Would it be weird to have an island themed wedding if you were no where near an island? Maybe, but who cares!? I say bring on the coconut drinks, little umbrellas, and all the fried plantains you can eat!


Anonymous said...

I love plantain! It is usually served with Caribbean favorites to help balance some of the heat and bold flavors.

My boyfriend's father is from Jamaica and as a result I have become quite a fan of Caribbean food (of Irish decent myself, this was a bit of a jump from beef, potatoes and carrots!).

Ox tail is actually really good, maybe you just had a bad first try? It is fattier than beef, but I compare the taste to roast beef.

Curry goat is another Island fav, but I just can't get with that one. I keep trying it though because it looks so good. Maybe one day...

Wedding Invitations said...

Adore plantains!

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