Monday, February 14, 2011

Healthy Monday: Share your experience or opinion on motivation and the gym.

It's Valentine's Day. Woohoo! Feel like I should at least mention that on here. Okay, on to other things.

Who else has been watching The Biggest Loser!? I catch it on Hulu (I just started this season, so no spoilers in the comments, okay?) and I always get so vested in the contestants. I want to see them succeed and win and reach that finish line! Yes, I have actually shed a tear or two watching this show. So here I am rooting for these strangers who, let's be honest, have chosen to bare all (in more ways than one) for a freaking reality show, and the most exercise I get all day is really only in the form of carrying around my six month old daughter. Granted, I've got one sizable bicep in my left arm, so if the asymmetrical muscle-y look is ever in, I will be very fashionable. Anyway, my point is that getting the motivation and the determination to put away the junk and start back on the treadmill is hard. Especially with a baby. And a business. But those are all excuses. I recently saw something on the Making Things Happen Tumblr page that said, "A year from now, you will wish you had started today."
I believe this. A year goes by fast. I need to start eating healthier. I need to go to the gym. Once I'm there, I'm good. So question for you: how do you motivate yourself to work out and eat healthier? I'd love to hear what you have to say and perhaps your advice will help get me into some spandex and sweating to the oldies.

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Elaissa said...

Sign up for a boot camp class - having other people working out with you is all the motivation you need. I think Piedmont park has on-going classes and Atlantic Station has trial class every so often. Going to the gym alone is depressing!
I hope I win the Kindle!!

Paige Ronchetti said...

I don't have any motivation, either! I started doing yoga because it's easier than pilates and I can do it with the TV on. Ha ha. The key is to find something that fits in easily with your lifestyle.

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