Monday, November 15, 2010

The Weekend and Radiolab

Healthy Monday is a bit of a bust today and I do apologize for it. For those of you don't know, I write my posts a day or two ahead of time, so writing for Healthy Monday always falls on the weekend. And you would think that two days would be enough time for me to write something. Anything! But here it is, Sunday at 9 pm, and I'm writing to apologize. My lovely little baby, Sophia, keeps me busy. Very busy. And so does work. I feel like a La-hoo-ser (did anyone love Ace Venture as much as I did? Recently watched it again, but wasn't that impressed...). This blog is the only claim to fame I have. After I am dead and gone, people will read this awesome blog (yeah, that's right, I said awesome! Don't burst my bubble!) and say, "That was the best thing Jennifer Stambolsky ever created."

Okay, I'm kidding. I really hope my child is the best thing I ever produce. No pressure there, Sophia.

Don't worry, I'm not going to leave you with nothing of interest for today. If you have any mind-numbing work to do, like data entry, house cleaning, or you just have a long commute and need something to listen to, check out Radio Lab. Also available on iTunes, the podcasts are free. Each episode investigates a curiosity, which usually yields captivating results. Seriously, it's the best thing on radio since... I'm too tired to finish that sentence.

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