Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Out of the Woods: Eco-Friendly Wedding Accessories

Wow! Thank you everyone for the great feedback about your own birth control pill experiences! I'm really glad to know I'm not alone in my hesitancy to start taking it again. I was thinking that in all the negativity about it (which I certainly share), it ultimately did allow women more personal freedom, but for the time being I plan to continue to stay off of it.

Anyway, on to wedding things! Below are a few eco-tree wedding accessories to contribute to a woodsy theme. Each of the items were found at Le Chic Wedding Boutique and you'll find links below.


Laura said...

Love the escort card holder! Especially with the earth tones and tree imagery on the cards themselves, it makes for a beautiful eco-friendly design!

brooke said...

I to adore that so cute and simple and eco..


wedding photographer Birmingham said...

its so makes for a beautiful eco-friendly design!

Unique Wedding Favors said...

So beautiful! And to think they're environment friendly too. It's also perfect for garden weddings. I like the simplicity of the design it really implicates what the wedding will be. Nice post and nice photos too.

Unknown said...

Recently I have been having trouble picking out the perfect gift for my super eco friendly best friend who is getting married (GASP!) in June. Its a garden wedding, and I was thinking along these lines : Any thoughts? Thanks!

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