Friday, October 8, 2010

Unique Eco Friendly Wedding and Engagement Rings

Wouldn't it be something if instead of comparing diamond sizes, brides compared minimal impact and eco-awareness of their engagement and wedding rings? If they did, and said bride was wearing a Green Karat ring, she would definitely win the competition.
I love the fact they put such thought and effort behind their unique designs, giving you more than just a ring but a work of art. For instance, the Quark ring is explained with the following:
Let us then examine the elementary particles of matter called quarks. When shot with a particle accelerator through a bubble chamber, they leave ionization trails like those illustrated on this ring. Those visual trails tell us volumes about the particles, and produce a natural work of art that we have rendered to a canvas for you.
The Precious Stone ring is particularly unique in that you can send them a pebble, perhaps one that has special significance and they will slice it and set it in the ring for you. Forever preserving a beautiful memory to wear around your finger.


Emily said...

I have a VERY similar engagement ring as the 3rd ring but made by a WONDERFUL jeweler in ID, and an AWESOME heirloom diamond in the middle! Any gal should be lucky to have something so beautiful!

Boston Jewelry said...

This is unique and antique eco friendly wedding and engagement rings. Nice piece of artwork.

Unknown said...

Excellent Content,
Thanks for sharing.

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