Friday, October 15, 2010

For Friday

The weekend is upon us! Oh happy, happy Friday! Hooooooot Hoooooot.

According to The Owl Pages (now that's a straight and to the point website name), owls were a symbol of wisdom and helpfulness in early Indian folklore. There are sooo many owl necklaces available on Etsy, you could get one for each of your oh-so-helpful bridesmaids and even one for your wise mother. :)

Do you have plans ahead of you? Planning on enjoying October weather? Shopping for a Halloween costume? Or just going to relax?

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Photo: Vintage owl necklace from A Common Thread


Bubbles said...

Ahh, that owl necklace is simply adorable! However in some cultures, owls are believed to be a sign of bad luck. Seeing an owl roaming freely in an urban community is regarded by elders as an unusual phenomenon.

Jennifer said...

How interesting! I never knew that! Thanks for the info. :)

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