Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A No-Electricity Wedding?

A wedding with no electricity! While it's certainly eco-friendly, is it feasible? This means no microphones, speakers, lights. Here are a few ways to achieve this:

  • Skip the lights. Hold your wedding outside in daylight.
  • Hire an acoustic band. Keep the guest list small and intimate so they can hear the music without speakers.
  • Although you have no control over how guests actually get to your wedding, have your ceremony and reception in the same place so that guests can walk between the events.
  • The biggest obstacle is food. It might be tricky (and it might elicit a few choice words from your serious meat eating cousin), can be done! To serve food at a true zero-electricity wedding, think BIG salad bar. Vegetables, salads, pasta salads, breads, fruits, cheeses, and cold cuts are just some of the goodies you could offer.
  • Another option? Use a gas grill, which emits a lot less CO2 than charcoal briquettes and lighter fluid. This will satisfy that meat eating cousin and you can even create some very interesting desserts with a grill - think bananas foster or grilled peaches. Speaking of which, for dessert you should take advantage of things that keep well and will transport easily, such as cookies, cupcakes, baklava, biscotti, and petits fours. You could also serve MRE's (meals ready to eat) or freeze dried space ice cream (which could be pretty fun!), but that might be weird.

Of course, I'm only referring to the actual event here, but you could potentially extend the zero-electricity rule to your entire wedding day. However, that might mean forgoing the blow dryer or straight iron. And for some of us girls, that's just not going to happen.

PHOTO CREDIT: Ben Blood -Please note the photo above was not, at least to my knowledge, a zero-electricity wedding.


Anonymous said...

nice idea, totally in the theme.
i got a blog too on wedding planning , feel free to leave me a comment :)

maylea said...

No electricity wedding, now that would definitely lessen the options... But it is definitely a theme and a creative challenge... :)

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